Growing process

Sustainability and Sun Valley Farms

While some farmers have just begun to see the benefit of drip irrigation, we have more than two decades of experience with it. Where drip irrigation is not possible we measure the quantity and quality of water with field moisture sensors. These sensors help us to conserve water and prevent over-watering of crops.

Cover Crops:
Cover crops are also another practice utilized at Sun Valley Farms to enrich and care for the soil . Yearly cover crops build better soil structure and replenish nitrogen, an essential input, which produces premium quality produce.

Our Sustainability Practices are not short term goals but standards of how we farm daily!

Food Safety

At Sun Valley Farms we value our customers and the trust they instill in us for safe, clean and quality produce. For this reason each item of produce is carefully harvested and cared for as it was going into our own home.

Each year Sun Valley Farms is audited by a third party company/auditor to verify food safety practices in our fields and cooling facility.

This is not and easy thing to do but know it is the right thing to do. We strive to go above and beyond what is required to ensure every item a consumer receives is safe and fresh like it came from your own garden.

Certified Organic

Sun Valley Farms performs a rigorous yearly audited with CCOF to verify our growing practices continue to meet organic standards and see where we can continue to improve our growing operations.

Our organic history may have have started with organic strawberries and blackberries but has grown to include vegetables.

We are certified organic by CCOF. To learn more about our food certification you may download the certificate below. 

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